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We started in 1963 and have washed over 24 million cars since. We hire only 1 in 60 applicants, and our turnover is less than 15%. Our hiring process ensures that we meet our goal of employing front line associates that are better than our competition management. Every day we do one hour of maintenance on our equipment before we open, most car washes do less than that in a week. We have video cameras in our car wash that scan your car during the process to alleviate any questions a customer might have with our process. We use mystery shoppers at every location to help maintain our high level of service. If a customer needs something small and extra we provide it at no extra charge..

If you are not happy, we will come to your house or office within 24 hours and fix the problem. If we can’t fix the problem we will drive it back to our location, make it right and return the vehicle to you.



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Comment from our website  3/8/2014

They were all fantastic and really care about the satisfaction of their customers.


Comment left @ Omaha 4′s Yelp Page testimonial-5star 3/12/2014

They do a Great job and inexpensive!


Comment left @ Shelton’s Yelp Page testimonial-5star 3/9/2014

This place is legit! Brought my car there for a wash. I was going to just get the standard interior/exterior wash, but was sold on the carpet clean for 49.99. After they spent a solid hour meticulously cleaning my car, I became worried that the guy said $149.99. I actually had to check my receipt to make sure. Overall a positive experience


Comment left @ Milford’s Yelp Page testimonial-5star 2/27/2014

I cannot tell you how helpful Brendan and Fritz are at this Russell Speeders! They are the NICEST men ever. They truly care about my patronage and go out of their way to help clean my car (especially after flood salt waters). Thank you thank you thank you for being genuine people!

Comment left @ Bedford Hills NY Yelp Page testimonial-5star 1/13/2014

What a wonderful experience!  On a freezing cold day while I was waiting for my husband to have a procedure done I was killing time and decided I needed to get all the winter salt off my minivan.  I found Russell Speeders Carwash on Bedford Road.  I was greeted with smiles and thanked for coming in at each station/step of the car wash process.  I got the least expensive/basic wash and was absolutely delighted with how clean my vehicle came out.  Clean, streak-free windows, spotless carpets and even totally salt free exterior.  I wish I lived in the area I’d visit frequently!

Comment left @ Omaha’s 4 Yelp Page testimonial-5star 1/12/2014

Love this car wash and the atmosphere people are always very attentive

Comment left @ Omaha’s Yelp Page testimonial-5star 9/25/2013

Friendliest and best car wash in Midwest! Thanks, Chris K for super service! Always can count on you all at Saddle Creek!

Comment left @ Omaha’s Yelp Page testimonial-5star 9/4/2013

Chris was very attentive and made sure that I was satisfied with my car wash.  They do a consistently great job.

Comment left @ Omaha Spaulding’s  Yelp Page testimonial-5star 11/10/2013

Best wash for the money in Omaha!  My kids love the fact the the staff goes the extra mile and draws fun characters on the window each time we go!

Comment left @ Avon CT’s Yelp Page testimonial-5star 10/16/2013

I had my 2004 Toyota Sienna washed at Russell  Speeders Car Wash at 112th and  Center St. in Omaha, NE on Friday, Oct. 11. The wash was excellent, and got all the bugs  off my windshield and front end, the result of being on the road  for 10 days. However my antenna did snap off during the wash. This happened about 4:40 PM and I needed to leave Omaha about 8AM the next morning.  Miguel  and  Stephan at the carwash were both very apologetic and assured me they would do their best to get me a replacement  before I left town. Within  a  few minutes I received a phone  call asking me to meet Kris, the carwash manager, at a nearby service station that had a mechanic on duty.  The  mechanic was able to remove the snapped  off part that was still in  the area where the antenna screws in. Kris, who also happens to own a Toyota gave me his antenna to install on my van. It was too late in  the day  and I was  leaving too early the next morning to get an antenna from a dealer. I was still going to be on the road for another 2 weeks, and I listen to the radio a lot, so I was very appreciative of how everyone at Russell,s  went above and beyond for me.

Comment left @ Fairfield CT’s Yelp Page testimonial-5star 6/18/2013

Had my car detailed today and was extremely impressed.  I have used Russell Speeder’s Car Wash before but have never detailed my car with them.  They were awesome to work with.  The job was thorough and done to perfection.  Best detail in Fairfield.   




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