Charles Remik’s review of Russell Speeder’s Car Wash

talk about old fashion great,friendly,fast,not expensive,service!!!! wow….i brought my 1985 black corvette in for a detail and boy,i was pleasently surprised…in a good way!!!!

i had 3 men work on the car and at the end when they pulled it out  another man  doubled checked it and went over it again…

very professional and the price for a quick detail was only $29.99!!!!

forget splashhhhh

just try it you will see……

oh…they have all new equipment for the car wash to….

car wash only $3.99   can’t beat it!!!!!


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Compared to other retail experiences you have had this week, was this one outstanding?

This car wash is better than any other wash in New England!

Were you treated in a special way by an associate that you would like to comment?

So far, all of the employees at the Avon car wash in Ct have been awesome!

Did we exceed – meet or not meet your expectations?

To be honest, my friend told me about how things are done at your wash and I didn’t believe him at first, nor did I think it was a good deal at $20.00 for a basic wash and vac. After going for the first time I was astonished. Who would have thought that in the middle of winter at 25 degrees outside I could get my car hand washed with HOT water and rinsed with enough water to get all the soap off and then not only after a blow dry but a hand dry to get the remaining water marks off; a full vacuum and window washing and dashboard wipe down and rims all cleaned with tire gel all for $20.00 and I didn’t even break a sweat????????  This place is AWESOME!   I also noticed something huge that the normal person wouldn’t see or care about that I like. When it’s cold out, the towels are in metal bins with heaters blowing on them to keep the rags and towels warm to prevent scratching the cars  because if the water starts to freeze on the towels that would be bad.

Additional Comments:

Absolutely the best car wash in New England! I am very particular when it comes to my vehicles. I love what I drive and I want what I drive to love me back. In order for that to happen, you need to take care of your car not only mechanically but cosmetically also. I spend a lot of time detailing my car during the summer but I can’t during the winter. This car wash does everything and they do it right. They are very careful with every vehicle and they get every inch of the car.

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