Managing Partner

Becoming a Partner/Owner

Being a managing partner/owner of a car wash is not easy; however, it can be very rewarding. You don't need a college degree. We will provide you with the necessary training to successfully operate a car wash.

You Will Have

You will be part owner of a business with stock, earned through sweat equity as the business grows. No financial investment required.

Starting salary $70,000/year + Profit Sharing

Most Managing Partners earn over $100,000, some over $200,000 a year!

Potential to own multiple sites throughout the USA

Potential to own multiple sites, many locations throughout The USA

Up to 5 weeks vacation (1 Wk after 1 yr; 2 wks after 2 yrs; etc.)

5 Day 50 to 55 hour work week

Education Assistance

Highly Motivated Passionate Coaches & Team Leaders

Fresh Air & the Love of Being Outdoors





What characteristics do I need to have in order to become a successful managing partner?

High-energy, self-motivated and motivator of others, curious, lifelong learner, overachiever, street-smart, mechanically experienced or the ability to manage mechanically inclined people, perseverant, honest, reliable, accountable, calm under duress, fast-paced, detail oriented, extremely high standards, enjoy working outside in all weather conditions, enjoy clean and organized surroundings,

Some basic background on our managing partners program.

We started out in 1963 and now operate 23 carwashes throughout the United States. Over the years we have developed many managing partners. We are looking for the right person, not a financial investment. All of our managing partners start their first location with no investment.

Down the road, if you’d like to own multiple operations and have more of an ownership percentage, you will need to make cash investments at the opening of new locations. We will not ask you to do this until you are fully comfortable with us and our system and the career opportunity provided.

How a managing partner spends his or her day

They check their equipment, chemicals, and inventory through extensive checklists that we have developed over the last 50 years. They review the previous day's financial and operating results and develop plans for the upcoming day with the goal of beating the previous day's results.

About 15 minutes prior to the opening they hold an associates meeting, reviewing any outstanding issues from the previous day. Then the day’s goals will be set. They will review the goals of the company. They are responsible for having their Car Wash operating promptly on or before time every day. The manager will be part of the crew once the wash opens.

All of our managers work hands-on every day taking care of customers and their cars. Throughout the day they train associates, go through checklists, have meetings with vendors and customers in order to improve the operation of their location.

Sales and labor are the two factors that most dramatically affect the profitability of the car wash. Managers manage and monitor the sales process and labor levels throughout the day in order to achieve expected goals.

They are 100% responsible for recruiting, hiring and training of labor. They manage facility and equipment maintenance throughout the day, including monitoring their associate’s checklists. They will make sure that when they leave for the day, everything will operate correctly in their absence. We expect our managers to work five days a week and take vacations throughout the year. 

We also have very, very high expectations of our associates, which has allowed us the success we have achieved. Operating a carwash is not an easy job. It demands 100% of one’s attention. It’s like going to boot camp and never graduating. However the rewards, both personal and financial, are well worth all of the effort.

How does one become a managing partner?

After applying online, we will set up a live interview. Feel free to ask any questions during the interview. After that, we do an extensive reference verification, criminal, personal credit, and driving history. Then you will be able to test-drive the company and the job by working a full day at one of our facilities. This will allow both of us to decide if we are a good fit. At that point, you will receive a written offer for a location and your training schedule.

This may sound like a drawn out process but with over 50 years of experience, we know that it’s in everyone’s best interest to be committed to a CAREER MANAGING PARTNERSHIP.


Meet Our Partners

Bret Lewis

Bret started with us in November of 2014. His store was recently nominated for Best Small Business of 2017 by the St. Charles County Chamber of Commerce.

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Ronnie Bertka

Ronnie has been a Managing Partner since 2011 and he is currently training his replacement so that he can expand and grow with the company.

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Kris Moore

Kris Moore joined the company in 2004. He and his teams have been consecutively ranked as the Omaha's Best Car Wash starting in 2007. Kris is currently involved in two of the five Russell Speeders Omaha locations.

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Kevin Matthews

Kevin has been with the company since 2010 and has been a Managing Partner since 2012. He currently is a managing partner in 3 stores.

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Paul Ford

Paul started with us in 1991 as a manager. Paul is now a partner in two stores.

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