After visiting thousands of car washes (where the equipment costs $300,000) that pre-spray the entire car before it goes into the wash, we have came out with a system that does not require pre-spraying. We believe that our equipment should do what it was purchased to do, CLEAN THE CAR. We spend over four times the average that most car washes do each year on equipment maintenance; therefore, we do not pre-spray the entire car before entering our tunnel in order to provide a more efficient service.
We have a system that eliminates the need of having associates spraying water on the rims for the purpose of cleaning them. This is now done au- tomatically as your car goes through he tunnel. First, the rims are sprayed with a solution. Then, a high pressure unit sprays water on the wheels, which removes all dirt and brake dust off the rims. This system will provide better service and avoid missed spots that are typically missed by the rest of the car wash industry. We developed this system after visiting over 1,000 car washes.Also by eliminating associates manual labor, the time that you spend at our facility is reduced. We are always working to improve the quality of our wash. If you have any comments or questions, please, call us.
We are sorry to inform you that if your car is covered with snow and ice we cannot guarantee it will all be removed.Your car may also not come out as clean due to the car wash trying to remove the snow and ice before it even gets to the dirt on your car.We apologize for any inconvenience.
During the late fall every year when the leaves fall off the trees, and it rains for a few days, all car washes suffer the problem of removing a film at the bottom of the car. This film does not appear at any other time during the year. After researching this issue we have found it is caused by five separate factors happening at once:

1. New pavement that was put down on roadways in the late summer.

2. Oil from car engines that has ended up on the roads.

3. Leaves and earth worms that have fallen on the roads that have come back on the bottom of the car while raining.

4. The dropping temperatures.

5. Constant rains while cars are on the road.

During this time no car wash can remove this film without an extreme amount of manual labor. Unfortunately we are not set up to handle this issue for the few weeks per year that this occurs. If we were able to handle this the prices we charge would go up. We apologize that we do not have a satisfactory solution at this point. As always we will continue to work on a cost effective solution. In the meantime we can offer a re-wash for customers who are dissatisfied with their service.
We apologize for the inconvenience our plastic bag on your rear wiper causes you. We know no customer wants to get out of their car after the car wash to remove this bag. We also know we can’t clean around the wiper as well as we would like with a bag in place. We also DO NOT want to buy these bags due to the large cost.We do however know the car wash business We know there is almost no chance in breaking wiper arms or damaging cars with these bags. We have decided every car that goes thru our locations with a rear wiper arm must have a bag on it. We are doing this for your safety, and the guarantee that there will be no chance of a problem with your visit. Your safety is also our utmost concern. We understand not all car washes require, or use These bags. This is a safety procedure that is our Policy. While other car wash operators might not Believe in the costs of the bag, and the effort to put Them on every vehicle, we know our decision is in Our customer’s best interest.

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